5th IPGC

Conferences & Workshops

All the conferences of the 5th IPGC are aimed at the Professional Geology sector, with the sole objective of unifying and enriching this field. For those interested in presenting a conference, we invite you to submit an abstract with information on the topic you will address during the conference. Below, various themes are detailed, which, in turn, encompass other disciplines proposed for consideration in the 5th IPGC. You can choose the category that best suits the theme of your conference. It is worth noting that there is a Scientific Committee responsible for overseeing and selecting the best abstracts, which will have a space during the congress.

Themes Subthemes
Mining and Mineral/Energy Resources
  • Critical minerals for a changing word: a global initiative led by geologists
  • Mining legislation: maximising work opportunities
  • International Standards for mining and the role of Geologists
  • Opportunities offered by Natural Hydrogen – a geological solution to energy transition
  • Geothermal resources and exploitation
Hydrogeology and Water Management
  • Hydrogeology and Water Management: Current Perspectives and Future Challenges
  • Groundwater for irrigation, urban supply and industrial use
  • Water and Nature-Based Soutions
  • Hydrogeology of hydrographic basins in the European Union: Current Perspectives and Future Challenges
  • Managed recharge of aquifers
Geological Engineering
  • Towards a resilient future: Innovations in geological engineering and Advanced technologies
  • Underground storage facilities
Natural Hazards
  • Adapting to geological hazards: Resilient strategies and effective planning
  • Natural hazards warning systems
Global Change & Environment
  • A Geological perspective of Global Change
  • Future Earth
  • Human impacts on Earth Systems
  • Nuclear waste
Geology & Society
  • Shaping tomorrow's geology: A look at the past and a focus on geological education for the future
  • Challenges of nature in illustration: Learning about geology in a creative and interactive way
  • Communicating and Presenting Earth and Space Sciences: Challenges and opportunities in geological outreach
  • Resilient communities, engaged geology: Stories of solidarity and international collaboration
  • Geological Policy for the 21st Century: Adapting to Environmental and Social Challenges
  • Geology 2.0: How Social Media is Revolutionizing the Dissemination of Earth and Cosmic Sciences
  • Geology Outreach: Embedding Geology in Social Media
Profession of Geologist
  • Profession of Palaeontologist: Presentation and intercontinental networking
  • Profession of Geologist: global confrontation and needs
  • Women in geology
  • Ethics in geological practice
  • Continuing professional development
  • Education of geologists: New training for a new profession
  • Professional versus academic titles
  • Employment in the geosciences: Identifying market trends and critical skills for professionals
  • Connecting Earth with Communities: Outreach Strategies in Geoparks
  • A job in Geotourism: presentations and networking
  • Valuing Our Earth: Geotourism and Dissemination of Earth Sciences for the Protection and Conservation of Our Natural Heritage
Geology & the Future
  • The Roots of Life: Understanding the Importance of Geology for Human Survival and the Planet
  • Artificial intelligence in geology
  • Space Exploration and Geology: Creating an Interplanetary Future for Earth Professionals
European Projects in the geo-sector
  • EIT Raw Materials
  • EU Horizon
  • Funding projects networking
  • Specify
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