5th IPGC


Manuel Regueiro

President of Spanish Official Association of Geologists (ICOG)

The Spanish Official Association of Geologists (ICOG), the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), and the University of Zaragoza, are pleased to present the 5th International Professional Geology Conference, which will be held in Zaragoza (Spain), from 20 to 22 November 2024, 24 years after the 1st IPGC held in Alicante in the year 2000. In this 24 years, professional geology has further expanded the reach and activities of geologists in our moderns Society. From its origins as a basic science to study our planet’s structure and components, and the processes which have shaped it throughout its long history, which now provides solutions on how to protect citizens from the common and frequent diverse geological hazards they are exposed to, geology – or the collection of earth sciences under that generic name – provide today a wide range of vital social services which include geotechnical engineering for the construction of buildings, roads, dams, tunnels and other large infrastructure projects, hydrogeology and the exploration and exploitation of other vital mineral resources for the supply of most of the raw materials needed by the industry, and in the last few years also leads the quest for new renewable energy sources, or the environmental protection of our planet Earth, including land contaminated by industrial use and the use of the subsurface to store carbon dioxide and radioactive waste disposal. Geologists are more and more needed to translate the language of the Earth to the common citizens, and outreach has become a new geological discipline through the promotion and protection of our geological and mining heritage. In spite of this view of geologists as a social service, these 24 years have seen the reduction of professionals worldwide as well as the closure or reduction of faculties all around the globe, thus we must know the current situation of geologists in society. The 5th IPGC will be the best opportunity to draw the attention of society in general and those responsible for the geological management in particular, to the geological problems of the world. It also intends to be a forum to debate all aspects of professional activities in the field of Earth Sciences and a suitable place to exchange experiences and ideas among participants. The venue also aims to recover the initiative to create a World Professional Geology Organization whose objective is use the geological knowledge to serve the society thus fulfilling the motto of this conference “Geology for a safer world”

David Govoni

President of European Federation of Geologist (EFG)

Dear All,

Join us at the 5th International Professional Geology Congress to expand your global network of contacts, fostering growth throughout your professional career. This event provides a unique platform for professional development, skill enhancement, and sharing insights on the latest geological advancements. By registering, you gain the opportunity to actively contribute and become a player in driving positive change within our community.

Best regards.

Luis Lopes

President of Portuguese Association of Geologists (APG)

Also in Earth sciences, technological innovation is a reality that university curricula cannot always keep up with, so the possibility of attending specialized training courses where digital tools play a crucial role in helping geologists in their work is yet another argument for being present and join the largest international congress exclusively focused on the geologist profession.

Come, consolidate your contacts and share experiences in a relaxed and highly motivating environment.

Best regards.

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